Temitope Omojokun

Regarding the post on how the prophetic seminar has blessed me…I attended the first ever of such seminars at Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos on April 7, 2012.

At first I was surprised by how people who never knew each other before could give words of encouragement with such precision. Anyway I chose to open up my heart and amazing things happened. First, one of the words I received during the activation session was that there was something I was supposed to do for God and I was taking too much time…thinking I had enough time. This was also reconfirmed by someone else.

In actual fact God spoke to me to start a prayer chain for expectant mothers having just had a miscarriage myself. After the programme on Saturday, I summoned courage on Sunday to discuss with a friend at Daystar and right there in the unit where she was serving 3 other ladies joined us making 5.

Right now we are 8 and I believe that before the end of this year all 8 of us would have conceived and the babies would be carried to full term.

Furthermore, during one of the Activation sessions I spoke the words as was laid on my heart to a sister and she was almost in tears saying those were exactly what the things going on in her life. I was shocked but I bless God for such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much Ma for allowing God use you and yours.

Love you.