The Road to Destiny

The Road to Destiny




For each individual before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God had purposed you for something. He did not create you because He had nothing to do. You are destined for great things in God and unless He takes over the direction of your life, you cannot walk in His purpose for you. You may make a success of something but real success is in walking in your GOD GIVEN DESTINY. If He has called you to be a pastor and you end up becoming the richest CEO in a big corporation, you are not walking in what HE created you to be. Take the time to find out who you really are in HIM. This is a workbook to help you understand what you encounter on the road to fulfilling your destiny. It will encourage you not to give up but to continue to follow the path that God has mapped out for you as you progress on the road towards your destiny. If you are a new Christian, it is good that you do the study with a matured Christian. You can use the book as a devotional but it will have more impact when two or more people do the study. This will help to foster communication and exchange of thoughts on the challenges that each person is facing. You will be more encouraged hearing what others are going through and how God is strengthening them in the midst of their challenges.

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